How to brush

Rise & Shine

1. Rise & Shine

After awakening from your beauty sleep, ensure you keep that bod out of the shower making sure your mane is dry.

Use those arms girl

2. Use those arms girl! (seriously)

Brush in one hand, hair in the other. Slow, even strokes (with the brush) from your hair roots out, will ensure your hair enters deep into the brush and maximum straightening results are achieved.

You're nearly there

3. You're nearly there

Keep working those arms babe. Ensure your hair is fully penetrating the brush and absorbing full heat. Also move the brush all the way to the tips of your hair (don’t be lazy). We recommend brushing for 5-10 minutes depending on your hair thickness.

Mission accomplished

4. Mission Accomplished

Look at your beautiful face in the mirror and admire those luscious locks – you are ready to take on the world girl!

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