The LVL Hair Straightening Brush speaks for itself.
See some our customer’s results and reviews below.

Laura Eyre

"Been loving my new LVL Hair 'Straightening Brush' It's ready to use after 1 minute of warming up, will straighten in approx. 5 minutes and I'm ready to go! I've found it so much easier to straighten my hair than the usual flat iron straighteners which take forever!”

Lily Shen

"I don’t have a lot of hair to straighten but due to the length of my hair I often wake up with peacock hair (when I go to bed with semi damp hair) or just wild looking bed hair when I get up in the morning. Mum's solution to my crazy hair was to cover my hair with a warm damp cloth (works kind of ok) but LVL Hair was able to tame most my hair and made the difficult patches look presentable in 5 minutes. The only 2 things I want to mention is that the LED screen is located on the BACK of the straightener. It can be activated one you press the on button for a few seconds. The back of the brush does get hot once heated up so just be cautious. Overall this is a must for me on special occasions where I can’t have crazy morning peacock hair!”

Georgia Wells

"I love being able to simply run the LVL Hair Straightening Brush through my hair each morning. I don't have curly hair, but I always use a straightener to tame flyaways and give it a bit of shape after a wash, and I can get the job done in about 30 seconds with this brush. It takes a little bit longer to heat up than my regular tong straightener (which is incredibly fast) but it doesn't really bother me!”

Camille Owen

"This little baby has been an absolute gem in the mornings. I usually just roll out of bed and hope for the best when it comes to my hair, Buttt this is so quick and easy, it really makes me look like I've got my shit together. ”

Toni Edwards

"Since I received this straightening hair brush I have been using it every day. It's prefect for in the mornings when I'm in a hurry for work. Love the way my hair looks so straight throughout the day. ”

Jacqueline Smyth

"If you caught my previous Insta-story from last week you'll have seen my in-action videos where I demonstrated using the LVL Hair Hairbrush Straightener on my own hair. I have particularly thick hair which has a slight natural wave in it (a lot of that might have to do with the usual pony tail I tie my hair up tight in, lol) and it can take a while to straighten it all out, especially with a regular straightener. However, when I used the LVL Hair hairbrush straightener, the rubbered bristles on the brush were able to get right into my strands and deeply brush through making sure all the hair within brush reach was collected. And after brushing for as little as 6 minutes, I noticed a huge difference with my hair much straighter, then by the time it had been 12 minutes, one entire side of my head was completely straight. To get my hair ready in 12 mins sounds awesome to me! The brush heated up so quickly too, I found it very efficient. Highly recommend it to anyone on-the-go or with a busy schedule. It gets a huge thumbs up from me!”

Marisa Robinson

"A brush that combs and straightens your hair, crazy, right ⁉, not if you have the LVL Hair Straightening Brush! I have been loving this game changer and tomorrow I will share a blog post and video on how it's slaying my hair to a whole new level!”

Kelsie Reid

"Introducing the original hair straightening brush by LVL Hair! This straightening brush works on all hair types and will straighten your hair in five minutes. It can also reduce hair breakage by up to 50%! Here's to sleek and straight hair. ”

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